anxiety relief coloring book with journal prompts

Anxiety Relief Coloring Book Cover

My anxiety relief coloring book with positive affect journal prompts is moving right along.

Now, what’s most important in a book is the content on the inside. Even though they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, the reality is that a cover really matters. So much. I want my book’s cover to help sell the book, so I’m not holding back on making that happen.

People Do Judge Books by Their Covers

I have hired a graphic designer to create the cover. His portfolio has some beautiful work in it! Here’s the example that really grabbed me: (affiliate link)

While I appreciate the use of positive affirmations, I think it can be hard to really internalize them if you’re feeling down. Generating positive affect another way has actual research to back up it’s value in improving well-being. That’s why my coloring book will be a tool to do that!

Once I get my first round of samples to review for my book’s cover, I’ll be in here to share the progress!

I can’t wait!

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