Anxiety Relief Coloring Book Progress

It’s T-Minus 48 days until my Anxiety Relief Coloring Book goes live on Amazon!

When you self-publish, there’s so much more to it than just uploading your document and hoping people will buy your work!

I am so ridiculously excited and wanted to share the journey toward publication. Right now, as I wrap up creating the book and journal prompts, I am looking for other places to sell it in addition to Amazon.

Subscription Boxes

I listened to a podcast recently that suggested getting your book into subscription boxes. What a great idea! I contacted two, but one said they’d need between 6,000 and 10,000 copies. At this point, that’s a bit beyond what I can send them. Maybe someday in the future – just the shipping cost would break me right now.

A second one replied that my book sounds awesome, but I am waiting to hear back about volume, finances, etc.

Mental Health Facilities

Of course, anything that can supplement programming materials for people actively working towards learning how to manage symptoms of anxiety is a good idea. In fact, the one in my local city is considering adding mine to their library for patients. I sent a sample of pages for them to look at and am waiting to hear back. They sound very interested!

Hospital Gift Shops

Being in a hospital with very little to do to pass the time, anxiety can easily set in. So many things can trigger it.

  • You have a medical problem that’s bad enough to land you in a hospital. Who knows what the implications are?
  • Bills are looming in the future, and you know it will be a financial hit.
  • You are probably not at work and you’re worried about what’s going to be there for you when you return.
  • Your family may be struggling to carry on with a normal routine with you in the hospital.

Wow, just typing that made me a little bit anxious, and I’m not even in the hospital! An anxiety relief coloring book would make such a great gift a family member or friend can bring to a patient with all these things on his or her mind.

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