Build Your Health Arsenal

Here you will find articles about what you can do to fight disease and get back some of the control over your health that you deserve.


Here you will find articles that point to overall diets that keep us well, nutrients that can help or harm us, and how to use behavioral principles to improve your eating habits.

Physical Movement

We have all seen the research that’s all over the place.  Regular exercise is good for you.  It can reduce your chances of things like heart disease, cancer, stroke, and the list goes on.  It can even help improve mental health.  Sounds appealing, right?  So why do so few of us actually do it? A … Continue reading Physical Movement

Your Mind-Body Loop

The pages below will supply you with articles about how the mind and body are always talking to each other, because the connections are built right into us. We find the connection between the mind and body in direct links between the nervous system and other systems of the body: The cardiovascular system The digestive … Continue reading Your Mind-Body Loop

Brain Health

This section is all about how your brain works, and what you can do to keep it working its best for years to come.