Workout Partners: Make Your Routine Stick

We all need a bit of support (or a lot) now and then. Many people know from experience, but research also shows that having a workout partner helps you maintain exercise and reach your goals. Find the Right Workout Partner Photo by bruce mars on Choose your workout partner wisely.  Find someone who shares... Continue Reading →

Group Fitness: Make Your Routine Stick

Group fitness classes are a great way to establish an exercise routine that's fun.  It can also improve your fitness with regular attendance.  Here are some more benefits: It's Scheduled Many of us have the best of intentions, but when it comes down to it, if we have to initiate exercise, we'll say "later".  The... Continue Reading →

Building Exercise Momentum

Disclaimer: I wrote this piece before I was diagnosed with Sjogren's. I was always looking for ways to exercise more, and it helped me lose weight and was great for my mood. I overdid it, though. If you have a chronic illness, follow these suggestions as tolerated but don't overtax yourself. Nothing to Something It's... Continue Reading →

Exercise: How to Start and Stick With It

How many times have you resolved to exercise right at New Year's Day?  If you're like many of us, you lost count.  What about all the springtime promises to yourself that you would be swimsuit ready by summer?  That's not how to start an exercise program if you're serious. Even so, we keep trying over... Continue Reading →

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