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Remember that time you woke up one morning and decided to make a permanent healthy change and you did it? Me neither.

Maybe you or your doctor (or both of you) know it’s time to make a change in what you eat, how much you move, or how you handle stress. These all make a difference in your current and future health, and you probably already know what you should be eating, how much you should be eating, how you need to be exercising, or that you should be managing stress better. The problem is, nobody tells you how to make it happen for you other than saying “do it”.

Using someone else’s plan with their method on their timeline isn’t what works. Developing the right plan for you, in your way, on your timeline does.

“Just do it” sounds great. Action is just the tip of the iceberg, though. What you may not know is those who “do it” have set themselves up for success – it’s not magic.

My eBook, Lifestyle Change that Lasts: The Foundations introduces you to what you need to include in the plan for your journey toward better health.

Sign up for my eBook today, and get a bonus pack with downloads to help you along the journey!

  • Metabolic Syndrome Cheat Sheet (know the numbers that count)
  • Dietary Fat and Inflammation Cheat Sheet
  • Heart Rate Target Zones
  • Planning/Tracking Sheet for One Month

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