Lifestyle Change That Lasts: eWorkbook


Change your lifestyle to be healthier for good with this interactive journal.


If you’re ready to change your lifestyle to be healthier, this workbook will guide you down your own path one step at a time.

You can purchase the eBook right here, for the Print Version, click right here to buy it from Amazon.

First you will learn how successful changers get started and maintain good habits – including the stages they go through, the processes that work, and strategies they use.

The next chapters will guide you through the thinking needed to identify the right goals for you, on the right timeline, in your own way.

You will read, think, and write your way through the book, ending with a full set of worksheets that help you put a concrete plan in writing.┬áThese sheets will provide ideas and examples to help you brainstorm, plan, and problem-solve for when the going gets tough. “Lifestyle Change that Lasts” really is the workbook for YOUR journey.

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