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Living with Sjogren's Syndrome
Susan Masterson

I write to help people with chronic illnesses develop the right healthy living plan to manage symptoms.

I’m Susan Masterson. I’m a Licensed Psychologist, and I live with Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease.

For years I had a combination of symptoms that didn’t seem to make sense. I was convinced I was doing something wrong, so I tried to lifestyle my way into feeling better. The symptoms didn’t go away, and in fact some got worse.

After years of wondering if I was among the “worried well”, I found a doctor who dug in deep and found the unifying reason for everything: an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s Syndrome.

When I was finally diagnosed, a whole new journey began. I figured out that lifestyle choices are still vitally important, but cookie-cutter approaches don’t work when you have a chronic illness.

I am in a unique position: I see issues facing those of us with chronic illness from the perspectives of clinician, researcher, and patient. I’ve been through the self-doubt and confusion, but through trial and error I’ve figured out the right self-care program for me.

When Sjogren’s Syndrome (any autoimmune disease) isn’t going away, it’s time to find new opportunities to reshape and expand the boundaries of what we think we’re capable of. I truly believe everyone deserves to, and can, implement lifestyle improvements to reduce the impact of long-term illnesses.

Books I’ve Written

My books guide you through the process of making the healthy living changes you need to manage your Sjogren’s or autoimmune symptoms.

making lifestyle changes that work for you when you have sjogren's syndrome
How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle; because sjogren's syndrome complicates things

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