Autoimmune patient & psychologist empowering those with a body they didn’t expect to have.

Hello, my name is Susan Masterson and I am a mom of a boisterous little girl, a wife, writer, licensed psychologist, and a total research nerd – living with Sjogren’s Disease.

For years I had a combination of symptoms that finally made sense when I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s in 2017. For years, I thought it was “in my head” and tried to “lifestyle my way” into feeling better. Once I learned that yes, my body is different, I gave myself permission to stop pressuring myself to “feel normal” and recognized that what I was doing was in fact, making me worse.

I do still believe that healthy lifestyle habits are necessary, but when you’re living with a chronic illness, you have to tailor your approach to your body. I want to bring you what I’ve learned about how food, exercise, and stress relate to Sjogren’s, so you can avoid spinning your wheels like I did. My books and videos will help you (in your partnership with your doctor and treatment plan) lessen inflammation through stress management and diet – and help you feel better.

Start by downloading the “Symptom Trigger Tracker” here.

Sjogren's patient and psychologist Susan Masterson