Sjogren’s Treatment Clinical Trials

So you’ve finally got a diagnosis, and it’s time to get a Sjogren’s treatment that will make you feel better, or be cured, right? Unfortunately, there is no cure (I’m optimistically going to say “yet”). But, we do have options to lessen the impact and slow down the progression of tissue damage. Some people might even go into remission – they get a break from symptoms and hit “pause” on disease progress. 

Here’s a thing about Sjogren’s Disease: There aren’t any approved medications specifically made to treat Sjogren’s. We have to use ones that were made for other rheumatic disorders like Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

BUT THERE IS HOPE! Companies that create products and new medications for Sjogren’s are stepping up to address the need. The best way to get some of those medications tested for safety and effectiveness and get them to patients is through Sjogren’s treatment clinical trials.

This tool can help match you with a trial that fits your needs – and that you might qualify for. You can search anonymously anytime you want. Or, you can sign up for alerts when something that is a “match” for you comes up. (Click the little i next to “antidote” for their privacy policy.) ?