About Me

Hello! I am Susan Masterson and I am a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in clinical health psychology as well as master’s degrees in public health and educational psychology.

I have 25+ years combined training and experience with behavior modification, lifestyle change, mental health treatment (in medical facilities), and teaching.

Most importantly, I also live with an autoimmune condition. This helps me see issues facing those of us with chronic illness from both perspectives – the clinician, and the patient.

I truly believe everyone deserves to, and can, implement lifestyle improvements to help us reduce the risk for (and impact of) long-term illnesses.

When a diagnosis isn’t going away, it’s time to find new opportunities to reshape and expand the boundaries of what we thought we were capable of.

It’s all about getting down to the underlying reasons we are “stuck” in unhealthy patterns, and I aim to help as many people as possible get that momentum going!

I started this website after being frustrated with all the information on the internet that seems to conflict, or, in some cases, seems like a scam. I aim to give you articles with honest, accurate and useful information.

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Best of luck on your health journey!

To contact me, you can fill out the form below, or just email me at doctorstrivetothrive@gmail.com.