How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Make a Healthy Lifestyle Change

Based on the eBook: “How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle: Seven steps to success”

This page will tell you what it takes to start a healthy lifestyle change! First a quick overview video, then step-by-step guidance.

Making a healthy lifestyle change doesn’t happen over night – click this link to find out the process that it takes to make it happen!

Thoughts that block progress when starting a healthy lifestyle.

What standard comes to mind when you have this thought? Remember, nobody that’s good at anything becomes good without learning or practicing. For the point where you are now, what CAN you do? Focus on that.

The way you label yourself isn’t set in stone. Sticking with a behavior for as little as three months can impact how you see yourself.

Too often we compare ourselves to someone who meets some standard that has nothing to do with our own needs. Beyond that, we don’t know the struggles and mistakes that person made along the way. She may even beat herself up for not being “good enough”, for all you know.

We tend to filter out all the examples of how we did something right or well, and latch on to the ones that confirm our beliefs.

All-or-nothing thinking is a direct path to an emotional roller coaster. Step off and see your efforts in terms of the big picture.

Prioritize the healthy lifestyle changes will benefit you most.
Cutting sugar for a healthy lifestyle
Anti-inflammatory eating for a healthy lifestyle change.
Learn more about how added sugar and foods are related to inflammation in “Understanding Food and Inflammation: A guide for autoimmune patients“.
Reducing stress for a healthy lifestyle change.

Learn more here about the connection between stress and autoimmunity.

Physical activity for a healthy lifestyle change.

Enter the “physical movement” portal here to learn about the importance of moving your body, and for tips to get started and keep it up!

Set a mini-goal for a healthy lifestyle change.

Here are ideas for staying with your new routine.

And Maintenance Make your new healthy lifestyle change a regular part of your life