exercise and chronic disease

Physical Movement

We have all seen the research that’s all over the place.  Regular exercise is good for you.  It can reduce your chances of things like heart disease, cancer, stroke, and the list goes on.  It can even help improve mental health.  Sounds appealing, right?  So why do so few of us actually do it?

A multitude of reasons. Life, for one. Competing priorities make it hard to devote the time needed to stay in shape. Energy is often lacking. Then there’s the awful belief that you “just can’t”.

Sometimes it’s a matter of igniting the motivation, other times it’s a matter of tweaking what you do to make it a lasting habit. Some may have a chronic illness that adds a layer of difficulty, even though we’re told it will help improve the very symptoms that are getting in the way. This section will help you re-think your barriers and find ways to work more activity into your life as it is now.