self-care workshop six weeks for autoimmune patients

Self-Care Workshop for Autoimmune Patients

For the past several years I’ve been talking to so many people who have an autoimmune disorder like Sjogren’s, and one thing is so common. Implementing the healthy habits we need to take the best care of our bodies possible is SO DIFFICULT. That’s why I’m finally launching my 6-week SELF-CARE WORKSHOP for autoimmune patients!

  • Eat more inflammation-fighting fruits and veggies? Sure, it’s a simple idea, but hard to do when you have a busy schedule and no energy.
  • Reduce sugar? But it can be so addicting, and sugar is EVERYWHERE.
  • Move my body more? Many of us would love to, but that energy crash that follows can be like a wet blanket on any enthusiasm we may have had.
  • Manage stress? Sheesh, living with an autoimmune disorder is a huge stressor itself, not to mention all the stress from living a “regular” life. It can be hard to feel peaceful when life can take so many unexpected turns.

In 2019 I published a book called “Lifestyle Change that Lasts: A Workbook for Your Journey”. This was based on my doctoral dissertation research – and it’s always been a passion of mine. I’m sure people have bought it with good intentions, but could really use that extra support to put it to use and make those changes happen!

I have always thought providing that support was something I wanted to do – and now it’s time. I recently started my first 6-week self-care workshop based on the workbook, and it’s been so enjoyable for me. And I think they’re appreciating it too ?.

I’d love to help you get in a healthy habit routine to reduce symptom flares, cut down your risk of new lifestyle-related diseases, and just feel more empowered. I’ll be offering it again soon, and hope you’ll do this with me! Whether it be something related to dietphysical activitystress management, or something else – you choose it – and our small group will help you set your goals and determine your plan of action – and cheer you on!

If you’re ready to start the healthy habit that’s been on your mind, then grab your spot on my waiting list! The group will be small to allow for lots of interaction. You don’t even need to purchase the book, we’ll have all that you need!

Sure, other group coaching-type programs are out there, but this has been my thing for years! And, being chronically ill is expensive. So my first self-care workshop group will be the lowest price I will ever offer! $27 for six weeks. Yup, you read that right!

PLUS, I’m gearing up to launch a very affordable membership program later this year to give you tons of tools and regular support to keep the habits going! So stay tuned for more about that…

So click this image and sign up to be part of my next group!

self-care workshop six weeks for autoimmune patients
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